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Our Goal is “220 by 2020!”

Can you imagine saving 12,760 gallons of water every time it rains?  The students at Bluffton High School can.  By making and distributing 220 rain barrels within the local community by the end of 2020, that’s just the impact we hope to make on our local watershed.

As one of  our partners  in  environmental education,

Coca-Cola Enterprises donates used 55 gallon barrels

to  our school.   A few years ago,  these barrels ended

up  in  landfills.   Now,  students  from  the  school’s

Environmental Engineering Club clean them, fit them

with plumbing parts,  and  turn  them into rain barrels.


What is a Rain Barrel?

A rain barrel is a container that collects rainwater from rooftops.  Rain barrels save water and decrease stormwater runoff.  Placed at the base of your downspout, our rain barrels hold 55 gallons of water.  When connected to a watering hose, this water supply can be used for watering gardens, trees and even indoor plants.  All you need is a roof with exterior downspouts and you can easily install one at your home.

Why Install a Rain Barrel?

Did you know during an average rainstorm 700 gallons of water run off the roof of a typical home?  That’s enough water to take 58 showers!  Just imagine how much water might be running off the roof of your home.  Virtually every neighborhood has a lot of impervious surface.  When rain runs off impervious surfaces, it cannot soak into the ground.  Eventually, it enters storm drains or a nearby creek.  This excess water, or runoff, causes